donderdag 15 april 2010

Alright, as I am fully online now, I've posted some images of my studio and it surroundings at the Carlsberg-site on my facebook-page. Here I am preparing all my work at the moment. We also have set the final dates for my residency here.
14th of May: Live-performance and support-party
16th of May: Workshop
30th of May: Workshop
13th of June: Workshop
20th of June: Workshop ( Still can change into something else...:-) )
26th of June: Live-Performance
27th of June: Artist-talk
My final exhibition with photography-performance-works will start aproxibly 11th of June.

So at the moment I am writing down the workshops and preparing a whole lot of things to make my own performances and pictures. As soon as I have some pictures of that I will post them here.
Love, Niko

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